Touch Panel-Systems

Touch-Anzeige-Systeme, Touchmonitoren, Touch PC für Industrie, Medizin, Transport,

Touch - panel technologies

System-control by touching the panel of a  LCD- display is increasingly used and of gaining acceptance. This type of man / machine interface is well suited for machine- and process-control-applications and in the public sector.

Based on your requirements we can supply the LCD display-system of your choice in two technology- alternatives for most screen sizes from the leading manufacturer.


The DISPLAY 2000 touch-technology offering

Resistive Technology

It has a two layer structure where one is the glass substrate with transparent ITO coating. The second is a conductive polyester film. Both layers are tightly fixed together and separated by transparent insulation spacers. When the screen is touched, the conductive film has contact to the glass which causes a change in resistance. This change is registered by the system-controller measuring the X- and -Y axis coordinates.


Capacitive Technology

In the capacitive technology (multi layer technology) the glass is covered with a transparent metal coating which is protected by a top layer glass surface. All around the screen are electrodes. At the four edges of the screen a pulsed voltage generates an electrical field causing a change of charge when touched by a finger. This change is registered by a controller and transformed in X- and -Y axis coordinates.


Projective capacitive Technology  (PCAD)                                                                                                                  

The projective capacitive technology has a wire or ITO-structure on the back of the glass. Controllers generate a electrical field penetrating the glass to the glass surface. Depending on the technology it may work through up to 20mm glass. Very ruggedized and transperent touchsreens with multitouch capability are possible in customer's application.


Surface - Wave Technology (SAW)

This technology is based on acoustic waves. Using piezo-electric transmitters and receivers an acoustic wave is generated on the surface of the glass. Touching the glass the wave will be absorbed. The controller measures the time between sender and receiver when touching the wave will be absorbed and can locate by this the touch-location. SAW-Systems can detect the touch-force. 2-finger-multitouch capability is possible. The touch system can not work with water on the screen.


Infrared - Technology

The matrix consisting of IR-LED`s light is very close to the glass surface. The touching finger interrupts one or more IR-light beams in horizontal and vertical direction. Thus the controller can detect the touch position.Dustproof and IP65 solutions are available.