Company portrait

Company portrait

DISPLAY 2000 develops, manufactures and sells display-systems.

They consist of units or modules for the optical presentation, that are Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) based. They perform the visualisation of process activities or data thus our customers normally are solution providers in the machinery industry and industrial system- and measurement equipment.

The DISPLAY 2000 growth is based on steady adaptation of our customers- and market-requirements. Systematic completion and extension of our product portfolio allowed our development from a supplier of high performance industrial monitors to a competent provider of complete visualisation systems. Our competence in new technologies and system-components has led to successful cooperations with many new customers, who are active in different areas than mentioned before.

The expansion of the DISPLAY 2000 technological competence can be found in following areas:

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Productstrategy / Production

Display 2000. Our production areaStarting point for the foundation of DISPLAY 2000 in 1990 was the decision, to produce our own product-line of high quality CRT-display systems aiming at the industrial automation market. The request for larger sreens than 14" was quickly adapted. Therefore the CRT-product-family of industrial monitors was complemented by 15" , 17" and 19" color-chassis-monitors und 19" rack-monitors for 14" to 17" CRT-displays.

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Service / Quality assurance

Our service- / quality department uses the most modern equipment allowing our customers to take advantage of fast and reliable repairs and quality verification. Quality assurance is part of our product philosophy and professionally documented. Thus we meet the quality requirements of our customers by completely documenting and controlling each production step based on AQL-parameters. Further full transparency adminstration of serial numbers from the supplier to production/service is part of our quality concept. The certification according to ISO9001 : 2008 has strong impact on companies procedures and gives our customers a strong quality safety .

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Customer benefit

The positive development of DISPLAY 2000 since its founding in 1990 is based on successfully developing consistent partnerships with our customers. A very important background of common, successful projects is our technical competence. Therefore we have learned what you - our customers - as well as prospects expect from us:

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Company History

The positive development of DISPLAY 2000 is determined by a fruitful partnership with our customers leading to a steady extension of product offerings. The list below contains important milestones on our way from a display component supplier to a system house covering the wide field of display technology.

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